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Thursday, December 1, 2016
4 Tips for Marketing Your Business This Holiday Season
Many businesses jump on the holiday hayride with special marketing campaigns. From the red cups of Starbucks and Coca Cola's polar bears to the Clydesdales of Budweiser, there are examples just about everywhere. In this issue, we'll share tips for positioning your business for profit this holiday season.
Respect differences in beliefs.
In addition to knowing your demographic, it's important to show respect for the beliefs, traditions, and customs of others. If your customer base is sort of a melting pot, take the opportunity to show that you're globally-minded.
Play off of traditions.
While staying away from religious beliefs, there are holiday traditions – like the holiday tree – that are already fixed in the minds of consumers. These symbols can easily be adopted into many marketing campaigns.
Make your own traditions.
New traditions are a fantastic way to solidify your business's brand. Again, look at how Coke's polar bears have seemingly become a part of the holiday season.
Make sure your marketing campaigns include:
The ability of your customers to relate to the message (the "Me too!" factor). A message that triggers an emotion or reaction from your customers. A way for customers to contribute to the campaign (favorite holiday recipes, traditions, etc.)
Make sure you're using the right outlet for your message.
It's crucial to know where your customers are living. For example, if you have a    sale that will last 3 hours, the best way to market it is by mass text messages and social media posts. If the sale lasts for a week, include e-mails in the campaign.

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