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Thursday, January 5, 2017
4 Trends That Will Make CRMs King in 2017
Regular readers of our blog will know that we're firm believers in Customer Relationship Management (CRM) packages. When used the right way, a CRM can boost sales; improve the effectiveness of marketing and sales solutions and deliver snapshot customer information in real-time. In this issue, we'll bring the top CRM trends to look for in 2017.

The Rise of the AI Bots

Because all sorts of data flow in at speeds that often make it difficult to comprehend at first blush, artificial intelligence (A1) powered bots are becoming more and more essential for the sales and marketing workforce. Using predictive algorithms that remove the guesswork from marketing decisions, A1-based bots are set to become must-have tools for business downers.

Omnichannel CRM Key to Reaching More Consumers

Research tells us that the average adult is connected online by 4.5 devices (tablets, smartphones, etc.). Because of that, marketers will be directed to using mobile CRM, which are essentially on at all times.

CRMs to Make Their Move to Social Media

About 75% of American adults are users of social media. CRM technology, however, has been very slow to harness the power of social media. Interestingly, it will most likely be customer support that paves the way for CRMs. Facebook and several other social media platforms are putting a great deal of emphasis on customer support – using humans and A1 bots.

CRMs Will Break Through the Ad Noise

By and large, consumers are much savvier when it comes to filtering and blocking marketing messages. With CRMs, business owners will be in a much better position to deploy real-time hyper-targeting messages that will target specific individuals with just the right message.

C3IT Can Help Your Business Realize Full Potential of CRM

We’re firm believers in the power of CRMs and how they can help a business achieve success. We welcome and encourage you to contact us – 800-728-1411 – so that we can help you realize all the benefits of CRMs.

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