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Tuesday, January 26, 2016
An Intuitive Software Service To Fit Your Needs, You Don’t Want To Miss Out On!
One of the things you will be looking for as you migrate from standalone software licenses to Software as a Service or SaaS is intuitive solutions for your workforce.  Many users of SaaS are pleased to find that these software programs are often far more "user-friendly" than other programs.  However, it is important to determine if the software you are considering will work well for your employees or if you should choose a more user-friendly program.

What Is Intuitive Software?

Intuitive software is a program or suite of programs that responds to user needs in an effortless way.  For example, Microsoft's Office Suite has been praised for the way that all the components work together with easy-to-understand interfaces.  If you make changes in an Excel Spreadsheet, for example, you can easily transfer those changes to a Word document, PowerPoint slide or other programs contained in the suite. Intuitive software makes everyone's jobs easier.  Many Software as a Service providers understand this, as well as the fact that many different users may be accessing the software on a variety of devices.  Therefore, good SaaS programs take this into account and provide flexible, easy-to-use software solutions. Some of the features you should look for in SaaS programs are:
  • Device flexibility. Even if your workforce is not currently using smartphones or tablets to access your software, the chances are that they will be soon.  Buy software with the future in mind, and demand that your programs be flexible enough to work well on many types of devices.  You will thank yourself in a few years.
  • Your SaaS programs may be new, but there should be some assurance that they will work and update well into the future.  If the program is too isolated, it may not be around in five years, which means you will have to start all over again with your selection process.
  • Easy manipulation. If a program is too difficult to use, your workers will not use it.  Choose software that focuses on easy-to-use directions and manipulations so that workers are encouraged to use it consistently.
If you need help migrating to Software as a Service from your current site-based software setup, contact C3IT immediately.  We are here to help you transfer to a new software platform with a minimum of trouble and make good choices in software and programs for your company.  

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