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Thursday, December 17, 2015
Are You Leveraging Big Data in Your Business?
Big data is not an easy market to understand.  However, large companies are now working hard to consolidate options so that the best solutions for businesses will emerge organically.  Many businesses have already noted that they are searching for an ideal solution to connect to multiple platforms that will allow them to move seamlessly between them and lower overall technology costs, including both money and time. 

However, experts say that not all "big data" solutions are created equal.  In fact, one of the most important things to look for in leveraging systems that can combine tremendous amounts of data is whether those systems integrate the various data sources quickly and effectively, saving time and money.  Businesses do not have time to implement slow-moving solutions.  Most business owners are looking for a simple solution to allow their employees to quickly retrieve and save data and share it with others.  While this might have been difficult a few years ago, today there are cloud-based systems that make sharing information globally or locally equally simple.

How The Cloud Is Changing the Landscape of Big Data

Before cloud-based computing, it was very difficult to successfully manage the large amounts of data required for an application-based, remotely-accessed system.  Now, nothing could be simpler.  A cloud-based system allows employees to access all types of data from any location at any time, effectively making the whole world a workstation. However, the fragmentation between data sources is still a difficult hurdle to overcome.  It is important that organizations understand how to integrate all of their data in a cloud-based system and how to access it without difficulty. One way to do this is through SaaS or Software as a Service.  SaaS can solve connectivity and data retrieval issues by leaving everything in the cloud so that all apps, software and programs can be accessed at any time.  Companies using SaaS report that their productivity increases and that employees are much more satisfied with their software and technology use. If you are interested in learning how SaaS can help your business become more productive, contact C3IT today.  Our professionals have a strong record of helping businesses of all sizes implement SaaS, cloud-based computing and other systems.  We evaluate your needs and address your specific requirements so that you can remain competitive, no matter what your industry.  Call us today for an evaluation.  

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