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Thursday, September 17, 2015
C3IT Partners with Top Auto Maker for App Development

A top auto maker has selected C3IT as its service partner for application development for SharePoint 2013, according to a recent report.

Because of C3IT's excellent reputation in working with both large and small businesses to increase productivity and simplify workflow, the technical organization was chosen to launch a series of new apps and workspace tools to help this car company better communicate internally. By making it easier for employees to get their jobs done, the company will in turn experience greater productivity and greater accountability at all levels of the organization.

Meeting of the Minds: C3IT Helps Companies Communicate

The new partnership will help the top auto maker reach even more clients within the operating area. The dealers working in this company's locations rely heavily on an e-docs system which allows them to instantly share the most up-to-date information and to stay informed of changes in the Sales, Marketing, Quality Control, Manufacturing and Service divisions. However, sharing this information would be difficult or impossible without help from C3IT in integrating SharePoint into their workflow.

C3IT has been assigned the task of deploying e-Docs and building custom components to help users communicate and collaborate in a real-time environment. With the help of the experts at C3IT, the company will begin to build a complete toolbox of useful work applications that will enable employees to do their jobs more efficiently.

C3IT—A Reputation For Excellence

This company chose C3IT for this job for a number of reasons, but one of the most important was the reputation the company has for making information management easy. C3IT has helped hundreds of companies of all sizes integrate SharePoint and other document management systems into their existing framework with a minimum of problem. In fact, the company has been able, in many cases, to make the transition to cloud-based or site-based content management seamless for users, resulting in a high degree of satisfaction for both employees and employers.

As C3IT works with this and other companies, they can help managers and employees develop customized tools and applications to make workflow easy and effective. With the help of C3IT, the company will be able to push information out instantly, receive feedback on the fly and find ways to manage data securely at a low cost.

For more information on how C3IT can help your business manage data and workflow more easily, contact us today.

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