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Thursday, November 5, 2015
C3IT To Develop New Application on SharePoint 2013 for FIAT India
FIAT India has engaged C3IT to develop new applications on its SharePoint 2013 servers, according to recent reports. FIAT, one of the oldest and most reputable car companies in the world, is based in Turin, Italy. Its subsidiary in India includes a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility located in Ranjangaon, near Pune. Now, the company has reached out to C3IT, a group of professionals who assist businesses in making the most of their technology, to help them develop apps for use with their SharePoint system.

SharePoint Becomes Base For Expansion

One of the great qualities of SharePoint is that it is customizable to almost any business need. Small "mom-and-pop" companies as well as giants like FIAT of India can each benefit from SharePoint's versatility. FIAT India chose SharePoint as a way to engage employees, connect widespread geographic centers and automate many of its business processes, streamlining workload and making it easier for partners and employees to instantly access information. By choosing to have C3IT help the company develop apps for use with SharePoint, FIAT India is making a strong stride forward in giving its partners and employees the tools they need to connect quickly with the rest of the company and find information instantly to make small and important decisions.

A Successful History

This is not the first time C3IT has helped FIAT India with its technology needs. In the past, the company was using MOSS 2007 for its server and archive needs. However, FIAT India decided it wanted more flexibility, and chose SharePoint 2010 as its new platform. In order to be sure that the platform was implemented correctly and that the company was able to make the most of its investment, C3IT was engaged to help with the transition from the old program to the new. That transition proceeded exceptionally well thanks to strong communication and planning between the two companies. Now, FIAT India is ready to repeat the success of the SharePoint 2010 transfer to the new SharePoint 2013 system as well as develop new apps for its employees to use as part of the integration. C3IT will reprise its role as a strong supporter for FIAT India by providing the expertise and training necessary to ensure that the company has access to the processes and programs that will enable it to use SharePoint 2013 to the greatest extent possible.

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