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Thursday, March 31, 2016
C3IT’s e-Docs Brings Security And Collaboration To Your Office
We’ve all been there: searching through overflowing file cabinets, folders and on clutter-filled computer desktops looking in vain for important business documents and presentations. Through C3IT’s e-Docs document management software, you’ll be able to find and keep track of just about any document with a few mouse clicks.


To state the obvious, the “e” in e-Docs stands for electronic. However, you can turn a hard copy paper document into an e-Doc simply by scanning and uploading it. Because they exist electronically, e-Docs provide a host of benefits to virtually any organization, including:
  • Assurance of Latest Version There’ll be no more wondering if you’re working on the most recent version of your document, as all who have access to it will be working on the same version.
  • Security With e-Docs, the worry about sensitive information finding its way beyond your organization’s doors is erased. You’ll be able to assign access so that only those with proper access can see and work on your sensitive documents.
  • Encouraged Collaboration One of the beauties of e-Docs is that – once uploaded to a specific location – everyone to whom you grant access will be able to work on the document around the clock from wherever they are in the world.
  • No Guess-Work on Storage With e-Docs, you’ll be able to pre-define where the document will be saved. You can even adjust the settings of the e-Doc so that it is archived or deleted at a specific time. Locating the e-Doc is as simple as typing a search term in the database.
  • ISO, SEC and SOX Compliance Guaranteed Regardless of what industry you’re in, chances are better than average that you have to adhere to some form of compliancy. C3IT’s e-Docs product comes with audit trials, backup mechanisms and security components to make sure you’re in compliance.


If you’d like more information about how your company’s bottom line can be bolstered through the use of C3IT’s e-Docs, contact our offices today so that we can start working together! Our number is 800-728-1411.

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