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Tuesday, January 12, 2016
Cloud Computing Is On The Rise: Cut Your Costs In Half!
  If 2015 was the "year of the cloud," 2016 promises to build on that platform to an even greater degree.  Experts predict that by 2020, the "public cloud," as opposed to private clouds created by big businesses and government agencies, will house the majority of business data. If you are not already using cloud computing, the chances are that you will be very soon, especially if you want to trim the increasing costs of on-site data storage and security.  While many business owners are still a little leery of the cloud, especially when it comes to a security standpoint, they should not be.  Here is why:
  • Cloud computing cuts costs by spreading them over a large population. Cloud computing is to data security what the insurance industry is to liability coverage.  On your own, it would be very difficult to fund a million-dollar settlement if you were sued; as part of a large group paying insurance premiums, it is manageable.  Similarly, because the cloud spreads the costs of high-tech data security over a large group, your share is much smaller than it would be if you tried to do it yourself.
  • The cloud can afford better security than you. By and large, companies are learning that turning security over to companies that manage cloud storage is simply smarter than trying to pay for it themselves.  Not only is the cost more manageable, but in many cases you get better security than you could buy privately.  Even if you have a full-time, in-house security team, the chances are they do not have the resources available to them that the cloud security team has.
  • Companies want to ensure that the cloud provides working security measures. It is probably natural to speculate about cloud security, but it is also important to remember that the companies that fund the cloud have a critical personal interest in making it succeed.  These cloud providers want nothing more than to keep everyone's data secure, and their entire business model is focused on making this happen.  In other words, they are far more worried about cloud security than the companies using the cloud to store their data.
If you have questions about cloud computing, contact C3IT today for assistance with your options.  Our experts can help you decide on the best solutions for your company's data storage and security needs.    

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