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Tuesday, February 9, 2016
Computerize Your Documents With e-Docs: Simplified Business Is Here
e-Docs are the most efficient way to manage your documents and to foster collaboration within your organization. It will also ensure all business processes are being adhered to and also help enforce all internal controls. The entire organization of documents can be simplified with e-Docs, including how they are created, reviewed, published, disposed or archived.

Features of e-Docs

With e-Docs, the author can upload the document in bulk or scan the paper if the e-Docs document is a hard copy. To look for documents, you simply have to search for it in the database and locate your file within a few seconds. You can also pre-define the location where you want your files to be saved. This way, the document is automatically routed to your desired storage location. If you want a certain document to be deleted or archived after a certain date, you can pre-define those parameters as well. Lastly, you can set up different alerts on your documents for confidentiality purposes.

Components of e-Docs

With e-Docs, you can put together documents for metadata definition and paper capture. Secondly, to ensure compliance, administrators also have the liberty to perform an audit trail. Third, authors can use the versioning component of e-Docs to save time and since it’s digitized software, collaborating with different people for information and resources also becomes hassle-free.

Benefits of Using e-Docs

e-Docs computerizes your entire documentation process which reduces the use of paper and helps your organization go green. With the use of e-Docs comes information security which is essential for confidential documents. Lastly, you can save physical space in your office by having everything computerized in an orderly fashion. If you find that the use of e-Docs can simplify your documentation process, head to C3IT to get a solution for all your IT needs.

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