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Tuesday, February 2, 2016
Computing With Ease: Cloud-Based Business Technology
If you have not learned about the benefits of cloud computing, it is time you do so!  Cloud computing can be the answer to many of your business technology issues and can provide you with so many benefits, you will wonder why you waited so long to embrace this new way of storing and retrieving data.

What Does Cloud Computing Mean?

You may have heard of "the cloud," but you may be unsure exactly what that means.  The cloud is a series of connected virtual servers that store billions of bytes of information and make them accessible via wireless Internet.  What that means is that any information stored in the cloud is accessible from any location.  The implications of this fact are enormous.  Rather than having to cart data around with you when you are in the field, you can simply access it quickly from the cloud, use it, then store it back in the cloud when you are through.  This means you can use small devices in the field without having to cart around huge laptops, external storage drives and other means of accessing your data.  It also means all of your software can live in the cloud so that you can use it anywhere without having it downloaded on all of your devices.

The Benefits of Cloud Computing

The benefits of cloud computing are so numerous that it is almost impossible to list them all.  Businesses that move to the cloud find that they can streamline their processes, make more information available to their employees on a consistent basis and even cut their technology costs. Cost-cutting is a big reason businesses make the switch to the cloud.  Rather than investing in expensive software to be loaded on every computer, tablet and phone, companies can invest in one Software as a Service copy of their necessary software.  The software is not only accessible to all devices, but updates are pushed out simultaneously.  This saves a tremendous amount of time over manually updating all of your employee's devices; when they log in, they simply have the latest version of the software accessible to them. Another benefit of cloud computing is security.  Some people are reluctant to move to the cloud because they fear their data will be compromised.  Actually, your data is more secure in the cloud than in your outdated server. For more information on cloud computing, talk with the experts at C3IT.  

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