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Thursday, February 23, 2017
Why You Should Be Concerned About IOT Security
In a recent BizTech Magazine article about technology trends for small businesses in 2017, the topic of IOT security was #1. If you do not know what IOT security is, this blog is for you. There are a host of complexities about IOT security, so we’ll make a point of sticking with the basics.

What is IOT Security?

IOT stands for “Internet of Things,” and refers to just about any device – beyond smartphones and computers – that can connected to the Internet. This far ranging classification can include just about everything from coffee makers, washing machines, television sets and practically any other household and office item. In other words, if a device has an on and off switch, it most likely can be included as part of the Internet of Things.

So what? How Can This Affect My Business?

Poorly secured devices can be easy pickings for makers of malware. In late 2013, a researcher with Proofpoint discovered what was possibly the first known cyberattack from an IOT device. In that attack, gadgets including networking routers, multi-media centers, televisions and at least one refrigerator were compromised and used to launch phishing and spam emails. The malicious messages were sent in bursts of 100,000 3 times daily.

What’s Being Done About IOT Security?

A survey carried out by Arxan Technologies and IBM found that 44% of respondents weren’t doing anything to prevent an IOT attack. In November, the National Institute of Standards and Technology said that it was unveiling guidelines to enhance the security of IOT devices. Rather than focusing on cybersecurity, the guidelines will instead hone in on how the devices are engineered and built. The guidelines, however, are merely a starting point as the federal representatives will need to work with the “next generation of engineers” so that security is built into the devices.

For More Information on Securing Your Data, Get in Touch With C3IT

Few things are more important to a business’s bottom line that data security. Because technology is constantly changing, it’s imperative you partner with a provider that is at the forefront of the latest trends and improvements. For a free consultation, get in touch with us here at C3IT. Our number is 800-728-1441 or you can reach us online.

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