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Tuesday, November 24, 2015
Could SaaS Be the Key To Making My Business More Productive?
Software as a service or SaaS is a software delivery model that relies on web access to programs rather than storing them in an on-site server.  This method of software delivery is becoming more popular than ever, thanks to a large push on the part of many major software manufacturers to convert to this system.  However, some business owners still have concerns about the viability of this method or its security.  Those businesses that want to convert to SaaS may benefit from learning more about how the system can help them increase productivity without a huge capital outlay. There are several reasons that SaaS may be the key to making your business more productive, including: SaaS allows functionality. One of the key benefits of switching to SaaS is the functionality provided by this method.  Users can access their software from any device at any time, allowing them to use it on the go as they work, even if they are in the field.
  • SaaS costs less. Typically, SaaS is lower in overall cost when compared to loading software on individual devices or even storing it in a central on-site server.  Businesses can arrange to purchase only the amount of software they actually use, helping them save in cost over buying huge, multi-user licenses.  Businesses may also save in hardware costs, since the software can be configured to use on existing devices.
  • SaaS is remotely hosted. One of the biggest advantages for SaaS users is the fact that they never again have to host the software on-site, meaning that all of the updating, maintenance and security is performed elsewhere.  There are companies that can completely remodel their IT departments when they switch to SaaS, removing the need for expensive IT support.
  • SaaS allows instant updates. Because the software is hosted remotely, updates will always be available and can be pushed out to multiple devices simultaneously.  This means that users will always have identical versions that represent the latest in the software's configuration.
  • SaaS increases storage capacity. Most SaaS services offer a large amount of storage for work generated using the software.  By switching to cloud-based storage, companies can exponentially increase their storage capacity.
If you are interested in learning more about SaaS and how it can benefit your company, contact C3IT today for a consultation.  We can help you determine if SaaS is right for you.

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