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Thursday, March 17, 2016
Don’t Miss This Sneak Peek At SharePoint 2016!
Details have been steadily dribbling out recently about new features of SharePoint 2016. Although the product itself is not expected to be available for purchase until the summer, initial reports are that the main emphasis for SharePoint 2016 will be on “hybrid-computing scenarios” – which in essence is allowing users to run operations on their internal computers to applications that are operating in the cloud. In the case of SharePoint 2106, users will not be herded to the cloud, and that’s a good thing. It’s estimated that billions of files are stored on SharePoint sites, and even Microsoft has acknowledged that there are reasons – compliance, chiefly – why not all SharePoint data should be on the cloud. Other exciting features of SharePoint 2016 include:
  • An app launcher that provides a much easier navigation experience in terms of utilizing your apps
  • Information synchronization for mobile devices
  • A simplified user experience for file creation and management
  • A straightforward one-click ability to share documents and files with other users
  • The ability to store files up to 10GB (ideal for files containing multi-media)
  • Tools that ensure compliance so that sensitive information are preserved
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