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Thursday, October 13, 2016
Dynamics 365 to be Unveiled November 1
The first components of Microsoft’s new Dynamics 365 – a CRM and ERP service combined into one – will be rolled out November 1.

Dynamics 365 at a Glance

There are actually two different editions to Dynamics 365: Business and Enterprise.
  • The Business edition is geared toward companies with 10-250 employees and will include modules for financials, sales, and marketing.
  • The Enterprise edition, built for companies with more than 250 employees, will offer operations, sales, marketing, customer service, field service and project service automation modules.
Overall, Dynamics 365 is powered by advanced analytics and machine learning; all designed to enhance the agility for users. Writing in the official Microsoft blog, Takeshi Numoto, VP of Microsoft Cloud and Enterprise, said: “(Dynamics 365) provides the ability to extend built-in intelligence capabilities with independent apps which can provide targeted and domain-specific intelligence.”

Businesses Can Pick What They Want

In essence, the folks at Microsoft deconstructed the various elements of the original version of Dynamics and have made them into component parts, which can be selected on an a la carte basis by individual businesses.

How It’s Stored

Dynamics 365 will be hosted in the cloud and be compatible with Azure and Office 365. It will allow you to manage practically every part of your business – from operations to sales and marketing to available cash. Its enterprise-focused app store (AppSource) will work with a host of other Microsoft cloud services, including Power BI and Cortana Intelligence. Owners will be able to create roles with access to all the apps and functions employees in that role need in order to perform their job. For example, a customer service rep will often need access to data from field service, customer service, and sales apps. Rather than having three separate subscriptions, the employee has everything needed with one.

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