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Thursday, November 3, 2016
Four Key Trends for Small Business Blogs
If you haven’t developed a blog for your business, you’re missing a huge opportunity. Regularly updated blogs are time-tested great reasons for visitors to return to your site over and over again. In this article, we’ll talk about trends seen among businesses and how they structure their blogs for maximum impact.

Size is everything.

With over 400 million people reading blogs,  it’s important to cut through the noise. How do you do that? While it’s tempting to just say keep it short, research points the other way. A survey conducted by Orbit Media Studios found that the average length of a blog in 2015 was 900 words – 100 words more than the year before. Longer posts with more functional content have also proven to be better received by the general public because of the associated data included in longer pieces.

Turning off comments.

Interacting with your audience is what social media is all about. Blogs aren’t the place, though, for a host of reasons, including:
  • The need for nearly constant and active moderation
  • The propensity for discussion to rapidly degenerate into a cesspool of arguments
  • The user-unfriendly requirements of many blogs that require password/login combinations when trying to comment
The way moving forward with commenting about blogs will be to cite the URL and share on social media platforms.

Engagement rather than traffic is key.

It’s not about how many people you attract to your site; it’s what you do with them once they’re there. Are you able to keep them once they visit? A created community with active interaction is what you’re looking for. The higher the engagement rate, the better.

Graphics will become even more important.

It’s been known for a while that updates on social media outlets that include a graphic are far more likely to be viewed, shared and engaged with than simple text-only updates. Look for that development to carry over to the blogosphere as infographics and other design elements will become crucial components of the logger blogs.

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