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Thursday, December 15, 2016
Are Free Cloud Storage Providers Worth The Risk?
We write a lot about computer and data safety for small businesses because data is among the most valuable assets for many industries. There’s a new – and disturbing – study that finds many small businesses continue to put their data at risk by selecting free cloud storage providers. We’ll talk about it this issue.

How many small businesses are using cloud storage?

Of the 438 small businesses that participated in the study, 48% said they do not use cloud storage. As for the reasons? There are others but many reported that they did not know the full scope of what can be done with cloud storage.

Why should my business use cloud storage?

There is actually a host of reasons why you should be in the cloud. Here are but a few:
  • Reduction of costs because IT requirements and physical storage are minimized
  • Authorized users can access necessary data anytime from practically anywhere
  • Collaboration among team members is increased as team members can work from the same files simultaneously
  • Efficiency is improved as software updates, power requirements, and space considerations are no longer relevant

Why are free cloud storage providers risky?

Let’s be clear: not all are. Speaking with, however, Pennsylvania’s chief security officer Erik Avakian said, “Some (of the free cloud storage providers) have suffered significant security breaches over the past several years.” He went on to say that:
  • Users of the free cloud storage providers can’t be 100% sure of what level of security the provider is using
  • Some of the providers fail to guarantee your actual ownership of your data or whether or not the data will be returned if you terminate the service
  • While most cloud services will provide chat or phone support, many free providers do not
  • Free providers can also shut down unexpectedly or revoke your privileges

For More Tips On Safe Cloud Computing, Get In Touch With C3IT

Making sure your business’s data is secure is priority #1. To talk more about cloud computing for your business, call us here at C3IT; you can reach us at 800-728-1441 or send a note online.

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