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Thursday, August 18, 2016
From Quicker Payments to Breach Prevention: Trends for Businesses
Believe it or not but we're already close to the end of the 3rd quarter for 2016. As technology trends continue to emerge, it's important to remember that even if a business has very little to do with technology, it is still strongly influenced by its developments.

  • It's easier to get paid.
In the age of online banking and PayPal, getting paid for a product will become even easier. The trend of making payments by clicks has been launched with Apply Pay, Google Pay and a host of others.

  • Communications become embedded.
According to research from ComScore, just over 11.3% of all internet users get online via their mobile devices. This year, we've seen more click-to-call buttons embedded directly into apps so that customers can be catered to.

  • Operating system breach attempts will most likely rise.
There's a nasty trend known as ransomware in which businesses are extorted out of small and large sums of money because they're less secure. Data and computer systems are locked until the business pays the ransom. If the data is lost, the cost of potential lost business could be devastating. One of the biggest trends in business right now is ensuring that those holes of vulnerability are filled and that the business is properly protected. Among the most popular methods for increasing security involves encryption while data is being uploaded or transmitted or even when it's idle.

  • Millennials will continue the drive for mobile growth.
The millennial generation grew up with mobile smartphones and other devices. Now, they prefer to do their business on those platforms. If you don't have a plan for going mobile yet, you'd better get a move on because millennials are a growing population with a lot of opportunity for business.

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