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Thursday, July 28, 2016
Getting Customers to Actually Read Your Emails
In this article, we’re going to provide a few tips about how to get people to open and actually engage with your business marketing emails.
  1. Go for clarity over creativity in subject lines. In a study carried out by email autoresponder AWeber, results showed that clear and to-the-point subject lines always beat out the subject lines that attempted to be cutesy. In fact, participants were 541% more responsive to emails with clear subject lines over creative ones that were ambiguous.
  2. Get the fluff out. Before sending out your email, read back through it and look for any unnecessary sentences or words that can be removed. Turn bulky paragraphs that no one will read into one or two sentence small chunks.
  3. Opt for numbers over numerals. If your subject line calls for figures, go with actual numbers. For example, “35” is far more eye-catching than “thirty-five.”
  4. Be clear on who the message is coming from. By making it clear and obvious who the email is coming from, you’re staying true to your brand. It also makes it easier for your customers to more easily identify email that comes from you and also makes it far easier for the email to be retrieved via searches.
  5. Include specific opt-outs. Recipients of your emails are much more likely to stay engaged with your business if you allow them to control their preferences about what type of email they receive.
You can do this by including links to a preference page within your email so that customers can choose which types of email they want.

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