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Thursday, September 29, 2016
Growing Security Threats for Small Businesses
From the dawn of the digital age, security threats have been a top concern – and for good reason. Just as systems are upgraded and improved, it seems that cyber thieves are hard at work looking for ways to hack in. Small businesses are particularly vulnerable because many do not take cyber security seriously, often thinking that the bad guys are only interested in bigger game. Nothing could be further from the truth. A recent article from Small Business Computing recently asked security experts about the most prevalent security threats to small business owners that should be addressed. Here are a few of the more serious ones.

Data Breaches

We've seen headline after headline about the larger retailers having their customer data breached. But with the volume of credit and debit card online purchases, small businesses are equally at risk, particularly those that work closely with medium and big-sized businesses.

The Rise of Rogue Attacks

Simply put, a cyber attack using a rogue process involves a threat coming from a trusted source that has been infiltrated by an untrusted source. These relatively new security threats are much tougher to identify.

Mobile Malware

With the increase of mobile computing for just about every purpose, more and more company and customer information is being stored on mobile devices. This is also of particular concern for small businesses that have a bring-your-own (BYOD) environment for their employees.

Point-of-Sale Malware

Point-of-Sale systems are great ways to streamline your business but they have also experienced targeted malware attacks. Even pay terminals in parking lots have been hit. Systems with outdated operating systems are particularly vulnerable because they do not receive security patches and upgrades.

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