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Tuesday, January 19, 2016
How Big Is The Cloud, Really?
It is difficult to appreciate the sheer scope of cloud computing, since the cloud has grown so exponentially over the past few years.  Even if you have read the numbers, you may not really comprehend how big a deal the cloud has become.  To put it simply, if you have a growing business, the chances that you will be on the cloud soon—if you are not already—are much greater than the chances that you will not.

Big Data Will Soon Mean Cloud Data

The growth of the cloud could have been stopped cold after its inception in 2006 if Amazon and other companies had simply kept it for their own use.  However, building on the success of the cloud, these small retailers—soon to be giant retailers—attracted the attention of government and big business.  While there was some initial resistance to the cloud, primarily over security issues, large companies soon realized that the cloud was the only feasible way to manage spiraling technology costs, and that cloud data could be made as safe, or safer, than on-site data. At the beginning of 2016, big companies are poised to move all big data into the cloud. While the government has the resources to move its own material into a private cloud, big businesses have found that sharing cloud resources means lower costs for everyone without compromising safety.  The upshot is that big data will soon be almost uniformly stored on the cloud, and new companies will eventually look to the cloud as the initial, rather than the final, solution for data storage and management.

What If I Am Not On The Cloud?

If you have been in business for awhile, the chances are good that you are in the process of making the transition to cloud computing.  You may see the benefits of using the cloud to access your data:  instant accessibility by your employees, no matter where they are, to the tools they need to do their jobs; using Software as a Service to slash your technology costs and use only what you need; and the security of having experts devoted to keeping your data safe without having to pay your own IT experts.  However, you may not clearly see how to begin making that transition. At C3IT, we are here to help.  Contact us today to learn more about how cloud computing can cut your company's technology costs.    

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