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Tuesday, August 25, 2015
How Does SharePoint’s Future Affect Yours?
The questions are still unanswered as to the exact nature of SharePoint 2016's changes, but members of the product team have been leaking bits and pieces of information over the past few months that lead everyone to believe some big benefits are in store for those using SharePoint to manage their data, both remotely and on-site. What we do know so far is this:
  • SharePoint 2016 will still feature on-site capabilities. There was some talk at one point that the on-premises feature would be retired in keeping with Microsoft's push to the cloud for all of its storage options, but that idea was met with resistance by those who prefer to keep their data on site. Therefore, at least for now, on-premises options are safe.
  • The next version will streamline some formerly bulky applications. Office 365 is a great program suite, but Microsoft is constantly looking for ways to make the program even better, including improvements to SharePoint. A few of the features that were somewhat cumbersome will probably be streamlined, and OneDrive for Business and Skype for Business may receive big facelifts in the way they integrate with the program.
  • Security will improve. There is no question; security and compliance are big items for any future platform, and Microsoft realizes this better than many other companies. Data loss prevention, encryption and eDiscovery will all continue to improve.
  • Collaboration will improve. While SharePoint was built around the idea of collaboration, there is always room for improvement, and Microsoft, through an effort known as Project GigJam which was presented at the recent technology giant's conference, is leading the way in these updates.
  • Hybrid will truly be hybrid. Many customers were frustrated by the idea of building out extensive on-premises setups to the cloud, but Microsoft will make it easier with new SharePoint collaborative capabilities. This is good news for those who have spent money and time perfecting their on-premises work areas.
  • Windows 10 will be integrated. It stands to reason that the interconnected Windows version that is taking the world by storm will be extended to include SharePoint as well.
Ultimately, the integration of SharePoint with existing platforms as well as hybrid solutions for cloud-based computing will result in better productivity for everyone in an organization. For help bringing SharePoint's flexible options to your own company's system, contact C3IT. We can help you explore the exciting new world of SharePoint and Windows 10!

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