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Thursday, October 6, 2016
How to Beat Top Security Threats for Small Businesses
In our previous blog, we shared the most common security threats for small businesses. In this entry, we'll share strategies that will help strengthen your business so that you and your employees are not victimized.

Implement a two-factor authentication method

Anyone within your business should be required to enter at least two forms of identification in order to use a device, service, and email and social media account. While this may be a bit frustrating for your employees, it may be best to implement this approach on the most critical services first and then scaling up from there.

Stop phishing attacks

A business's email system is often the weakest point in security for a business, large or small. Phishing attacks are simply email attempts by the bad guys to get info (usernames, passwords, etc.) by masquerading as a trusted source, like a supplier or a bank. Make sure your employees are trained to pay attention to email, and to be on the lookout for emails with attachments that weren't expected – especially zip files as hardly anyone uses them for legitimate reasons these days.

Steer clear of ransomware threats

You've probably heard about ransomware, but just in case, it involves hackers gaining control of a company's data, encrypts it and then demands a ransom or payment for the data to be restored. Following the steps in the phishing section above will go a long way to prevent such attacks, but it's also a good idea to make sure that access to files is strictly controlled and that employees do not have administrator rights. Secure backups that are up-to-date are also critical for protecting data.

Carry out regular security assessments.

Evaluations of your business's cyber security should not be an annual thing because cyber threats are constantly changing. It's crucial that security assessments be carried out frequently to keep track of these fast-moving threats.

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