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Thursday, May 5, 2016
Integration of Dynamics NAV and CRM
While Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016 already comes with its own built-in CRM component, integrating it with M/S Dynamics CRM can give it a powerful punch. In this article, we’ll tell you how.

Why Use Both?

In our previous entry, we discussed the basics of CRM (Customer Relationship Management). We won’t rehash all of that here other than to say that CRM can help businesses of practically any size manage all aspect of information about clients’ preferences and history. While it’s true that both M/S Dynamics CRM and NAV do contain data that overlaps in some areas, combining them only makes them stronger and multiplies your benefits. Using M/S Dynamics CRM for engagement with your customers while employing M/S Dynamics NAV for processing financials, supply chain management and operations can make for a seamless experience in terms of transitioning lead development to paying customers. Your users will be able to work on the product they are most comfortable with. Linking the two means that NAV data can be accessed via CRM and vice versa. For example, NAV users are able to use the information from CRM to find new customers and CRM users can access customer information normally associated with NAV.

How to Link NAV and CRM

Microsoft has made integration of its NAV and CRM offerings fairly easy.
  1. Download the Connector for Microsoft Dynamics file
  2. In NAV, change setting in Marketing Setup window by selecting “Enable Connector” on the Synchronization Fast Tab
  3. Restart NAV so that the settings are activated
  4. Return to Marketing Setup window, select Actions, click Functions and then select “Generate Integration IDs for Connector for Microsoft Dynamics.”

C3IT Can Show You Full Potential of Integrated NAV and CRM

As you can tell from reading our blogs, we’re all about helping businesses grow. Using both M/S NAV and CRM is a powerful way to do that. We’d be more than happy to talk with you about how these applications can help your business; call us here at C3IT at 800-728-1411 or fill out your information here.

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