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Tuesday, October 20, 2015
Microsoft Answers Hardware Requirement Questions for Windows 10
In response to questions about mobile hardware requirements for Windows 10,

Considering Mobile Windows 10? Here Is What You Need To Know

Microsoft has answered many questions in recent releases about the use of Windows 10 on mobile devices, including smartphones, tablets and even "phablets," the larger phones that can function as tablets as well as audio phone devices. In order for Microsoft to agree to allow Windows 10 to be shipped pre-loaded on these devices, the company has now issued guidelines to manufacturers so that they know what the devices must include. The basic requirements to have Windows 10 pre-loaded on a mobile device include:
FeaturesSmart PhonePremium Smart PhonePhablet
User GuidesMust support CortanaMust support Cortana and Windows Hello as well as Continuum for PhonesMust support Cortana and Windows Hello
Operating SystemsMust be compatible with Windows 10 MobileMust be compatible with Windows 10 MobileMust be compatible with Windows 10 Mobile
CPUMust have supported entry SoCMust have supported premium SoCMust have mid-tier supported SoC
RAM/Storage1 GB/4-8 GB with SD Slot2-4GB/32-64 GB with SD Slot2GB/16GB with SD Slot
DimensionsLess than 10.5 mm and 135 gLess than 7.5 mm and 160 gLess than 10 mm and 175 g
Battery1400 mAh2500 mAh3000 mAh
Connectivity3GLTE/Cat 4+LTE Cat 3
Camera5 MP20 MP5 MP
  Microsoft has also given similar values for tablets, including 7-inch, 8-inch and large tablet configurations.

How Can I Implement Windows 10 on My Company's Mobile Devices?

One of the advantages of having Windows 10 as an operating system is the universal transferability to all compatible devices, including desktops, PCs and mobile devices. Companies that use a large number of device types, such as PCs and laptops in the office and tablets and phones in the field, will benefit from the rigorous standards imposed by Microsoft on companies that want to produce Windows-compatible devices, as they will integrate freely with other components. If you are wondering how to install and use Windows 10 for your own company, contact C3IT immediately. Our experts will help you upgrade your company's technology to take advantage of all Windows 10 has to offer.

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