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Thursday, November 17, 2016
Microsoft Just Launched a CRM Exclusively For Small Businesses
Thanks to a powerful just-released customer relationship management (CRM) tool in Microsoft’s Office 365 service, it will be much easier for small businesses to ensure that tasks and deadlines are less likely to fall through the cracks. The service is called Outlook Customer Manager, and we’ll tell you all about it here.

What Can Outlook Customer Manager Do For My Business?

Among the keys to getting repeat business is knowing your customers well, recalling the conversations you’ve had with them and fulfilling their requests. With Outlook Customer Manager, you can access a bird’s eye view of all interactions with your customers and track all interaction going on with them. By automatically organizing information from your interactions (emails, calls, notes, deals, deadlines, meetings, etc.) in a timeline in your inbox, you’ll have instant access to practically any information you want to track. To make sure you don’t miss what’s important, Outlook Customer Manager will provide you with a list – called Focus – that displays the most important interactions in order on your agenda.

How Do I Get Started With Outlook Customer Manager?

Right now, the program is being rolled out to Office 365 Business Premium customers; this will continue over the coming months. You’ll know it has been added to your account when you see an icon for it on the home tab in Outlook 2016.

Where Can I Access Outlook Customer Manager?

Practically everything is accessible off-site these days, and Outlook Customer Manager is no different. It comes with a mobile app that provides fast access to the same information on your mobile device that you’d normally see on your desktop. This feature is also ideal for checking on information just before or during a meeting, jotting down notes afterward, scanning business cards to create new contacts, etc.

How Hard Is It To Install and Use Outlook Customer Manager?

Because Outlook Customer Manager is a cloud-based component of Outlook, there’s no new tools or programs to install or learn. To use Outlook Customer Manager, simply click its tab on the banner in your Outlook inbox.

Learn More About CRMs By Getting In Touch With C3IT

As a Microsoft Gold Partner, we’re excited about the new Outlook Customer Manager. To learn more about how it – or other CRMs – can boost your business, get in touch with us here at C3IT. Our number is 800-728-1441 or you can reach us online.

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