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Tuesday, August 4, 2015
Microsoft Launches Edge
Web browsers on desktops have not been much of a hot topic as of late, especially with the popularity of mobile apps and mobile browsers surging. Google Chrome and Firefox have led the way for some time now, but with the recent launch of Windows 10, Microsoft may be back in the game with their latest web browser: Edge.   While Internet Explorer is not completely done for (it will still be available for Enterprise), Edge is moving in and looks like it has a great chance of becoming a hit. Edge is more than just updated; it has been rewritten in a way that will help it compete against the modern, more popular web browsers of today. It will offer a number of new front-end features that will not crawl on slower PCs or laptops.   Under the hood of Edge is EdgeHTML, essentially a forked version of the Web layout engine Trident (which is also used for IE). Microsoft has completely removed the old code that was used in older versions of IE and rewrote most of its original source code in order to provide an engine that actually supports usage in today’s Web. Tests have shown that it is quite a bit faster than IE and in some cases, even faster than Google Chrome, Apple’s Safari and Mozilla Firefox.   Cortana, Microsoft’s new virtual personal assistant, will also be on Edge’s address bar. It will be a useful tool when trying to search, directly answering questions and providing sources without forcing you to visit a search-results webpage (though it will not always work with all searches). Microsoft has even said in a future release it will allow you to do things like make a reservation to a restaurant that you searched.   One very unique feature offered in Edge is the new Web Note. This feature allows you to mark up or highlight a webpage, essentially acting as a telestrator for your computer. You can even use it to clip sections or areas of text of the page.   Microsoft also announced that later this year it will be adding support for extensions to their browser. They also mentioned that extensions which have already been created for use in other modern browsers using technologies like HTML and JavaScript will be compatible with Edge with some or sometimes no changes to the code.   Microsoft Gold Partner C3iT has the knowledge and expertise needed to help your business transition to Windows 10. With the ability to provide support for both Edge and Internet Explorer for Enterprise, as well as offering services including CRM Online, SharePoint Services, Business Intelligence and more, C3iT can cover all your IT needs.

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