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Thursday, July 21, 2016
Microsoft Launches Video Service for Businesses
In mid-July, Microsoft launched its new service, Stream. In essence, Stream is meant to be much like YouTube for businesses. In fact, there are a number of user experience features that M/S has borrowed from video providers like YouTube and Vimeo, including social media features such as likes, comments, and recommendations.

The Basics of M/S Stream

Powered by M/S’s cloud-based video streaming system Azure Media Services, Stream will empower businesses to share videos internally. While some of today’s basic uses for internal business videos include training and employee communications, M/S is betting that video will become more of a core component for content in relation to all solutions faced in the workplace. Some of the more powerful Stream features include:

  • Being able to upload and organize videos through a drag and drop method
  • Establishing dedicated channels for specific teams, groups or topics
  • Watching company videos via Stream on practically any device from anywhere at any time
  • Finding relative content through keywords, hashtags, key search terms or most liked ratings
  • Embedding videos to web pages within your business
  • Sharing videos via email

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