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Tuesday, May 5, 2015
Microsoft Rolls Out New Delve Apps
Microsoft continues to improve user experiences by offering new Office Delve mobile apps for both Android and iOS platforms, as well as new Office 365 features that are compatible with SharePoint and other Microsoft programs.

What Are the New Delve Apps?

Mobile Delve apps, which are compatible with iOS 8+ and Android KitKat and above systems, are now available in American markets. These apps provide active file updates and syncs as well as single-swipe simplicity for users. Delve will allow users to find relevant project information, collaborate with peers and share information instantly, all from any smart phone device While Delve has not made it to the Windows phone at this time, Microsoft has plans for a universal app to be ready to launch soon. Delve is focused on user-friendly features, including.
  • People searches based on place in organizational structure. Now, users can find a person based on his or her job function rather than just name. This is extremely helpful when searching for employees in a remote office or within a large company. Users can search profile information as well with this new feature, which is compatible with Outlook Web App and OneDrive for Business.
  • Blog profile and authoring canvas. Now, users can quickly blog or author content from their phones. Compatible with all Office 365 products, this new author canvas and blog platform will allow users in the field to share information immediately. Users can utilize the new internal blogging tool to post auto-saved content to Yammer, as well. Video content can also be created with this new function.
  • Document embed inlines. With the new features of blogging and authoring, document inlines can now be embedded across platforms, including OneDrive for Business, Office 365 and SharePoint.

How Can Delve and SharePoint Help My Business?

More and more business takes place away from your desk. People in the field need to be connected to their colleagues and home offices, but they also need the functionality of being able to see the latest updates to documents, spreadsheets and other content instantly and to share their own updates across groups or the entire organization. SharePoint continues to improve these functions for clients. With every new rollout, users become even more connected and have even more access to information at their fingertips. SharePoint users have an edge over others, because they can utilize continuously updated apps and programs to streamline their work for maximum efficiency.

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