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Thursday, July 23, 2015
Microsoft’s Commitment to SharePoint Unwavering
Microsoft has already revealed to the public that it is working on its newest version of SharePoint Server, but this still has not stopped questions from partners and customers about just how committed they are to the collaboration platform’s on-premises version. After Microsoft’s May Ignite conference these questions were mostly left unanswered, especially because the company focused on Office 365 and some of their new tools, like Delve.   Microsoft Office’s divisional GM, Julia White, admitted to receiving 423 emails after the conference asking her why SharePoint was barely mentioned in her keynote. Microsoft has a Worldwide Partner Conference set for Orlando in the near future, and White noted that the company is still incredibly committed to providing consumers with a wonderful SharePoint Server 2016. “Rock-solid code based on the cloud. For the first time, we're taking the cloud code base and delivering that with our SharePoint Server 2016, which means you get the great reliability, performance [and] scalability that we've learned from the cloud into the Server code base," White explained.   As of now, SharePoint 2016 is set for a release some time during the second half of 2016, and it will be the first SharePoint to be built with their new “cloud-first” approach. Even though SharePoint was basically overlooked during the Ignite conference, Microsoft did use the Chicago confab to outline a few of their plans for next year’s release. It will be focusing on Content Management, Sites and Portals components and SharePoint’s Files going forward. The company also plans to make it easier to perform migrations for organizations as well as hybrid architectures.   White also explained that even though SharePoint is going to be hybrid for quite a long time, customers also want to take advantage of capabilities the cloud offers. She said that being able to tap into SharePoint’s hybrid capabilities while still having access to custom workflow on-premises is exactly what SharePoint Server 2016 will be delivering.   When SharePoint Server 2016 is released next year, C3iT will offer SharePoint services for companies and organizations in order to ensure you get the highest value from your investment. As a Microsoft Gold Partner, C3iT has an experienced and dedicated team of IT experts who will allow your company to efficiently collaborate with other team members, search for corporate information and experts, efficiently manage workflow and content, and find organizational resources in order to make better-informed business decisions. Trust the team at C3iT with your SharePoint services now and with SharePoint Server 2016.

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