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Tuesday, November 17, 2015
Microsoft’s “Uber Pack” Now Available for SharePoint 2013
The September updates were barely out of the gate before Microsoft released the new Uber Pack for SharePoint 2013, according to recent reports.  On September 17, Microsoft unleased a package that facilitates not only upgrades to SharePoint 2013 servers but also closes the gap between SharePoint 2010, which received the Uber Pack, and the newer version of the software, which did not. 

Fast Turnaround for Microsoft

Some experts were surprised at the swift turnaround in sending out the latest of Microsoft's uber updates, which are also known as "full server" package releases.  The rollout had been promised at a later date, but most IT professionals were expecting to wait longer than ten days.  However, many were pleasantly surprised at the rapid release, which suggests that Microsoft was nearly ready on September 8, when the initial rollout for SharePoint 2010's Uber Pack occurred. The uber package will patch all of SharePoint's components with new updates in a cumulative manner.  This new update will contain all of the components released for SharePoint Server 2013 Service Pack 1 or SP1 to date.  Users must have installed SP1 prior to running the update in order for it to work correctly.  They must also run the Product Configuration Wizard, which is listed as PSCONFIG.EXE or PSCONFIGUI.EXE before applying the cumulative updates. The new updates not only install all patches to date but include a new hybrid search capability that will crawl all of the on-premises and cloud-based content simultaneously.  This search capability, which is retroactively compatible all the way back to SharePoint 2007, will allow users to obtain global results with a single search and will index them so that they can be accessed instantly.

What Can The New SharePoint Updates Do For Me?

SharePoint can help your organization run smoothly in a number of ways.  By organizing all of your content and making it accessible through easy-to-use entry points, SharePoint allows you to protect your data as well as enable your employees to access it quickly.  SharePoint can be set up in an on-premises configuration or used as a cloud-based program.  Each configuration has its advantages and disadvantages, so it is best to talk to an expert before making that choice. C3IT offers our clients informed advice on SharePoint options.  Call us today to learn what we can do for your organization to help you implement the best SharePoint format for your needs.      

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