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Thursday, July 7, 2016
New SharePoint App for iPhone Users
There’s now a SharePoint mobile app for iPhone users that enables them to access their company’s intranet. The app was launched in late June and can be installed here.

Features of the SharePoint App

With the new SharePoint app, you’ll be provided with quick access to organizational portals and resources and access to your team sites so that you can view what your team members are working on. It works with Office 365’s SharePoint Online, SharePoint Server and with any hybrid environment.

How the Tabs Work

Sites Tab Shows you a listing of the sites you visit most frequently and the ones that you’re following. By clicking on a particular site, you’ll see recent files as well as the documents, lists, pages, subsites, etc. housed within that site. You can even share the site.

Links Tab Displays sites and portals which are designated for everyone in your company to view.

People Tab This gives you a direct view of what people are working on. You’ll be able to tap on an individual’s name so that you can dig deeper and see exactly what they are working on and who they are working with.

Search Tab You’ll be able to filter your searches by files, sites, and people. Specifically, you’ll be able to find people and content from across your intranet, company portals, SharePoint team sites and the OneDrive for Business folders for which you have access.

To Learn More About the SharePoint App, Get in Touch With the Experts at C3IT Solutions

We’re fans and strong believers of all that SharePoint can offer a business. We’d more than happy to talk with you about how it can benefit your company. Call C3IT Solutions at 800-728-1441 or send us an email.

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