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Collaborative tools for the
digital age!

Whether you need a case management or a safety compliance solution; or need to manage documents, compliance, events or meetings; we have the solution to suit your needs. On premise or on the cloud, sign-up and get started.


Find out more about our award winning software for Microsoft O365 and Teams. For SMB to Enterprise.

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Manage your documents, streamline collaboration, ensure adherence to business processes and enforce internal controls.

“Store Share Secure Search”

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e-Green Office

Move away from paper forms and improve accountability; transition to soft copies of training manuals, policies etc. and improve productivity and save costs.

“Go Green –save the planet”

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Make your business meetings and events action-oriented with measurable outcomes through the power of collaboration and sharing

“Meetings need not be a waste of time!”

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Law Center

Collaborate effectively within your team and with your clients. Review notes and documents. Track time and bills. Manage leads and referrals.

“Manage a legal practice, the smart way”

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Leverage the power of social and collaboration to locate experts who can provide guidance and build a knowledge repository on the go; using all the expertise in the organization

“Create and share knowledge”

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Safety Tracking

Ensure employee safety and avoid accidents on the floor by ensuring OSHA compliance. Track incidents & ensure action is taken to reduce risk.

“Make safety a habit!”

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