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CONNECT: An Award-Winning Workplace Software that leverages & unleashes the power of Microsoft Teams

The traditional model of work has been transformed in a matter of months. There is a radical shift away from classic office life because of the pandemic, which has changed the ways in which employees in a corporate environment function. More planning goes into meetings, conversations can be more challenging, different distractions pop up at home, and IT systems need to be more effective in managing a team. It’s important for those in leadership roles to make sure their employees are engaged and enabled to be as productive as possible, even given the unique circumstances.

“Teamwork and collaboration are fundamental to build resilience for your people, teams, and organization. Empower people to be productive and secure as they adapt to new ways of working with Microsoft Teams. With the proper tools you can empower your employees to do their best work, no matter where they are.” – Microsoft’s Guide to Building Resilience

This is the genesis of our revolutionary IP, CONNECT, which has the incredible ability to alleviate every challenge a manager may face. This ready-to-deploy, feature-rich, mobile-ready business productivity framework fits flawlessly into Microsoft Teams.

CONNECT promises to transform the way employees work, collaborate, and communicate.

Microsoft Teams has been immensely relied upon during this sudden transition to remote working. Companies around the world have embraced Teams and its capabilities, which include an impressive selection of plug-ins and add-ons. One add-on software that stands out amongst the rest of the options is CONNECT, which has the power to transform your team’s effectiveness and productivity thus making an organization-wide impact.

CONNECT brings an immersive and interactive experience for employees, presents invaluable organizational content on demand, encourages socializing with colleagues, and is a gateway to enterprise solutions, all within Microsoft Teams where the employee spends bulk of the business day while working from home or any location, remote or within office, for that matter

CONNECT gives Microsoft Teams an entirely new dimension of user experience and collaboration, all while guaranteeing ease of access – whether on the browser, or though the desktop app, or via Teams Mobile App – your employees are, therefore, always CONNECTed! Your organization will appreciate CONNECT’s fast deployment, mobile-ready layout, and option to incorporate incremental additions with ease.

Personalized, Immersive Experience for Employees

CONNECT creates a lively and thriving community for each and every employee, giving them a personalized and immersive experience. One of the ways CONNECT does this is by allowing users to subscribe to content that piques their interest, which will be delivered to them through Teams. They can receive or demand personalized news, events, announcements, celebrations, leadership messages, articles, pictures, videos, policies, awards, polls, and more.

CONNECT Also Helps Improve Teamwork

Collaboration is one of the keys to teamwork. CONNECT creates the ideal environment for employees to collaborate around a task, share and discuss events and company news, post blogs, locate and reach out to colleagues, contribute in communities, and more.

CONNECT has numerous other features and abilities, making it an invaluable resource for your entire organization. You can:

  • Carry out operational tasks by interacting with business applications through smart Bots

  • Retrieve data from business Apps, share in your Teams channel, and initiate action within your chat

  • Get notified about pending tasks and take quick action to ensure their completion

  • Access business data and communications on CONNECT’s tabs, in the Teams chat, through extensions, in the Activity feed, and via notifications

  • Receive relevant content directly driven by user’s personalized content and priorities

  • Enjoy the in-built Intranet content pages displayed in a Modern UI within Teams. Content is fed from Stream, Delve, SharePoint, Planner, Power BI, CRM, and other third-party apps

  • Embrace the Enterprise Social capabilities, which are an integral part of the experience, through Yammer, Facebook Workplace, and Twitter

Conveniently Broken Down By Tabs

CONNECT’s convenient interface has everything in one, central place. It is simple to navigate and broken down into convenient tabs that allows easy and intuitive access to relevant information quickly and seamlessly thus contributing to employee productivity. Below are some of the tabs and their specific functions.

  • Home Tab
    The Home page is the hub for all action and information. It provides a convenient and intuitive display of everything employees need to know about the current state of affairs in the organization. You have the option to highlight messages from the leadership of the company, ensure everyone is aware of important news, and introduce other multimedia items to enhance the employee experience.

  • Social
    As was mentioned earlier, the social tab is an impetus for employee engagement. CONNECT provides an incredible platform for the entire staff to strike up conversations by bringing in feeds from popular enterprise social platforms like Yammer and Twitter.

  • Events & Trainings
    Make sure everyone is well-equipped to perform their functions effectively by holding and/or participating in educational events and virtual training. With all of these resources in one place, employees with challenging schedules can access them on-demand.

  • Stream
    Similar to the Events & Trainings tab, the Stream tab on CONNECT creates an exclusive space for videos allowing your enterprise a virtual video channel on multiple topics of interest for the enterprise and employees,. More and more companies are creating videos and other multimedia content for employees to consume, and the Stream tab is the perfect place to host and share across the organization.

  • People Search
    The People Search page is dedicated to employees throughout the entire organization and an effective point to find and reach out to your colleagues, search for subject-matter-experts or seek a reference to get introduced with a colleague whom you to connect. You can search by last name, or scroll through to see the entirety of the staff, their contact information, organizational hierarchy and even access to their individual LinkedIn profile. Photos are included along with contact information, making it especially helpful for those who want to build a working relationship with their coworkers, virtually.

C3IT’s CONNECT is Already an Award-Winning Platform

CONNECT has already proven its worth by being chosen as the champion of the 2020 Teams App Award in Microsoft’s annual Teams hackathon. Our high-impact platform gives Microsoft Teams an entirely new dimension, offering immense value while elevating the Teams experience. Clearly, one of the largest and most influential technology companies in history recognized this!

Microsoft’s annual hackathons are among the biggest on the planet. At this event, “thousands of Microsoft employees and its Partner Community all over the world…gather to form the largest private global hackathon. They work across organizations and technologies, collaborate with the brightest sparks within their large Partner ecosystem to solve complex business problems and advance new product ideas.”

With all of these great minds coming together and challenging one another, it’s inevitable that ingenious ideas are developed. That’s why it’s a huge accomplishment for any App to rise to the top, and speaks volumes of our incredibly talented team here at C3IT who created the winning IP, CONNECT.


If this sounds interesting and you feel CONNECT can be an outstanding resource for your organization, reach out to us today and our team will help you walk through the experience during an immersive demo of the platform.

We are eagerly waiting!!!

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