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Classify, Secure, Retain, Tag, Share, Archive, Search & ensure compliance

Use e-Docs to manage your documents, streamline collaboration and ensure adherence to business processes and enforce internal controls.

e-Docs helps you manage the life cycle of documents in the organization — how they are created, reviewed, and published, and how they are ultimately disposed-off or retained.


  • Helps ensure compliance with ISO, SEC & SOX
  • Secure storage of critical documents with controlled access
  • Standardization and compliance of retention and audit policies
  • Document life cycle management
  • Data Imaging and data Capture


  • Author, upload in bulk or scan paper
  • Search documents and files in existing database in seconds
  • Automatically route documents to proper storage location based on pre-defined rules
  • Document life cycle policy based retention and disposal of records
  • Co-Author documents
  • Alerts on specific activities document libraries


  • Integrates with digitization software for paper capture and metadata definition
  • Audit trail for compliance
  • Archival policy configuration
  • Versioning
  • Collaborative – Connect people quickly with information and resources they need


  • Go Green! – Reduce paper in day-to-day operations
  • Information Security – Secure storage of critical documents with controlled access
  • Optimize and save on expensive storage, through timely disposition of documents that have completed their lifecycle
  • Ensure ISO, SEC and SOX compliance

Some of the tools and technologies we have worked with include:

  • Microsoft® SharePoint
  • Microsoft® Dynamics CRM
  • Microsoft® SQL Server