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Safety Tracking

“Safety” of the employees & organizational assets is always a priority in any work environment.

Managing and achieving a “Zero Accident” record is though always a challenge because humans often tend to be casual when it comes to following safe practices at work.

This application helps you record & track incidents of unsafe practices & assists in measuring your employees’ track record on Safety. In the process, it helps you manage Safe Practices & Compliance with Safety Norms across the organization.

Safety Observation System helps quantify incident & occurrences in three easy steps –

  • Record safety norm violation
  • Create action plan for correction
  • Execute action plan for improvement

Keep track of violations, identify the offenders and draw out comprehensive training &awareness programs to proactively educate people on Safe Practices. “Zero Accident” record in your work place is possible!


  • Includes pre-built checklist for safety norms
  • Record safety norms violation incidents
  • Identify offenders & violation history
  • Measure employee record on Safety & reward best performers
  • Benchmark safe practices
  • Job Safety Analysis


  • Reduce shop floor accidents by 80%
  • Educate employee for worksafety on the floor
  • Enables senior executives to view key safety performance metrics
  • Ensure employee health is protected
  • Keep the work environment accident free


  • Enforce employee to follow safety norms
  • Improve safety performance indicator by following safety checklist
  • Improved employee efficiency and productivity
  • Encourage employee by rewarding “Safety Person of the Month”
  • Improved quality of work on the floor by following safety norms


  • Helps organizations to fulfill their duty of care and Health & Safety obligations
  • Increases lone worker safety and peace of mind
  • Keep a primary operating expense from taking over the budget
  • Driving safety excellence through behavior based safety
  • Greater visibility into inspection, scheduling and reporting

Some of the tools and technologies we have worked with include

  • Microsoft® SharePoint
  • Microsoft® Dynamics CRM
  • Microsoft® SQL Server