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Thursday, October 27, 2016
Quick Tips for Increasing Data Security in the Cloud
Like just about every other technology platform, cloud computing has its own set of security concerns. However, there are a host of techniques business owners can use to boost their cloud security.

Make sure your provider can provide verification of compliance.

No matter how well you may think you know a supplier, it’s crucial that your cloud provider be able to authenticate their compliance and governance practices – especially when it comes to anything remotely related to your businesses methodology for computing and data. Check out the Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program, which was established to judge the effectiveness of cloud computing services and products.

Have a clear understanding of your provider’s terms and conditions.

Hosting your data on the cloud is a bit different than storing it on site. For example, some cloud providers will retain the right to search your content to analyze your usage or may need to access business information while providing tech support. While the data exposure is benign in most instances, it’s easy to understand how it could turn into a nightmare if payment data or other personally identifiable consumer information were made available.

Security is not a one-time thing.

Most people will change their personal passwords on a regular basis. Likewise, smart business owners will keep their IT security at the forefront. Even if your provider already has a compliance strategy in place for self-audits, you’d be wise to adopt your own mandates for routine assessments.

Be proactive in security measures specific to your industry.

While many cloud providers will put in writing their observance of established standards, it may fall to you to direct them about specific security procedures in your industry. For example, manufacturers of medical equipment may be required to take extra measures to safeguard their data.

For More Tips On Safe Cloud Computing, Get In Touch With C3IT

Cloud computing is not going anywhere anytime soon. The beauty of that it is that the technology will always be changing and improving. To make sure you and your business remain at the cutting edge, call us at 800-728-1441 or send an email.

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