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Tuesday, December 29, 2015
SaaS With APIs Great For Customers
Many customers are learning that Software as a Service or SaaS is a great way to acquire the programs their businesses need without investing in unneeded products.  It is also a great way to ensure that a business always has the latest software it needs for any application.  However, those SaaS systems that contain certain APIs or application programming interfaces will make it much easier to integrate applications into the workflow.   Three APIs you should look for in your SaaS choices are:
  • User management API. Authenticating and authorizing users is one of the most important functions of an API.  Users should be able to reset or manage passwords so that they can resolve issues without constantly referring to technical support. 
  • Operational data storage API. An operational data store helps you make sense of your data and structure it in a way that will cause it to work well with your particular business.  It is very important that your API cover the initial load of your data as well as replication and export, and handle notifications, queries and reporting.
  • Metric collection and logging API. Usage metrics are very important in determining how well your system is working.  With a metric collection API, you can track exactly how well your employees are utilizing the software you have purchased and how it has increased productivity.  You can also use certain tracking software to find out how your customers are finding and using your web pages.
Finding the right software from the hundreds or even thousands of SaaS options available can be difficult.  You need the support and advice of a company that can help you choose the perfect SaaS system for your individual needs.  This means choosing a company that will take a detailed look at your business's needs and make recommendations that are truly customized for you. C3IT has spent years helping businesses of all types choose the right solutions for their technology requirements.  From tiny sole proprietorships to large corporations, we have been able to make good recommendations for companies of all sizes.  We evaluate your current situation and determine the upgrades or new software that would increase your productivity and maximize your employee's time and effort.  We then help you choose the best delivery method for this software and install it successfully so that you and your employees can get right to work!  Call us for a consultation about software solutions customized for your company.

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