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Tuesday, February 16, 2016
SharePoint: A Service Your Company Should Be Benefiting From!
SharePoint is the easiest way you can organize, collaborate and share information in a cost-effective manner. You can considerably shorten business processes in your organization with the help of SharePoint.

Improve Team Productivity

SharePoint allows your employees to share information and connect with other team members through the effective use of resources. Users of SharePoint can easily receive important notifications through announcements and alerts, coordinate calendars, organize documents and even create workspaces. Also, SharePoint offers offline synchronization capabilities when you are on the go.

Improve Information Security and Integrity

Cloud SharePoint allows for enhanced document management that ensures the integrity of documents which are saved on team sites. Users have the ability to edit documents, view revisions of documents, restore those documents to previous versions and even set the security level for documents.

Users Stay Up To Speed

Users of SharePoint have the luxury of enhanced views and menus that make navigation simple within and among the sites of SharePoint. Users can get up to speed by integrating productivity tools that they are familiar with, including programs in Microsoft Office. For example, simple productivity tools, such as workspaces, posting and editing of documents, viewing and updating calendars, working in Word, Excel, and other Microsoft programs, can all be done on SharePoint.

Solutions Catered To Your Needs

All workspaces hosted on SharePoint are fairly easy to implement in an organization. If your company is looking for customized deployment, it can start right away by choosing templates that are specifically designed for your business processes or set of tasks.

Better Use of Information

SharePoint makes your workstation compact and more accessible, which means you don’t have to run around looking for information. The search capabilities of SharePoint make it easy to find the documents you need at any given point in time.

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