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Thursday, August 20, 2015
SharePoint On-Premises Is Alive And Well

The Worldwide Partner Conference or WPC was held in July in Orlando, Florida, and a key feature of the conference was the numerous talks on various aspects of Microsoft's performance. Many continue to complain that they do not believe Microsoft cares about on-premises servers, but the facts do not bear this complaint out. Instead, businesses with on-premises servers can now benefit more than ever from Microsoft's SharePoint options, which have been revamped to align more closely with on-premises and hybrid applications.

Why Do I Want to Stay With On-Premises?

There are many valid reasons to consider remaining with an on-premises configuration rather than migrating to the cloud, something that Microsoft has recognized for years. While SharePoint's cloud capabilities are wonderful, there are other reasons to remain on-premises, such as:

  • "The cloud" is a fancy way of saying someone else controls the computer systems that harbor your data. Many companies feel that cloud computing may compromise business security, no matter how many safeguards are in place. Of course, on-premises servers can be hacked, possibly even more easily, but the fear of a possible security breach still hangs over many businesses considering cloud-based data storage.
  • While the app development capabilities of SharePoint are awesome from a technology standpoint, they can be difficult to manage for the small- to medium-sized business owner. If you are unfamiliar with the new possibilities of app usage for your off-site employees, the whole app development platform idea can be overwhelming. Some business owners prefer a simpler system that stays in-house and manageable.
  • "Sentimentality." While new programs and apps are exciting, your basic programs have to work and perform well in order to run your business. Email is a good example of this. If your email system does not work well, then nothing else really matters. Therefore, having an on-premises, "old-fashioned" solution that has been time-tested such as Outlook that is integrated into your SharePoint data farm with no bugs or other issues gives you a safe, warm feeling. While you might be accused of sentimentality, there is something to be said for keeping the programs that have worked for you so well in the past.

C3IT can help you determine the best systems for your company. Whether you want a cloud-based or premises-based server, we can help you configure your workload and meet the needs of your employees and customers easily. Give us a call for ideas today.

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