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Thursday, August 13, 2015
SharePoint Tips for Greater Productivity
SharePoint is considered one of the best productivity tools in the business world. This is because it is a platform that provides businesses and their team members with the access and information they need. This creates opportunities to thrive and grow both internally and externally. Here are some SharePoint tips for greater productivity:
  • Centralize – Because SharePoint offers administrators customizable permissions management, it is important to centralize all of your essential documents so employees can access them in a central location. You can still control access to sensitive material with SharePoint's management features.
  • Integrate – SharePoint is extremely user-friendly because of its ability to sync with other programs and applications, including the Microsoft Office Suite. Take advantage of this connection to streamline your process.
  • Secure – Permissions allow administrators to protect key portions of the system. This means that all administrators should make sure sensitive data is only available to those who have permission to view it.
  • Improve – Traditionally, project management can be difficult to maintain over a system. Without proper management, deadlines can be missed and projects fail. That is why it is important to set up sound procedures and accountability measures. For example, SharePoint allows you to sort your projects based off a single template and instantly notify all interested parties of dates and deadlines.
  • Network – Did you know that you can create SharePoint networks with your clients? If you service external users, consider using this technology to maintain your relationship.
  • List – Use lists to group, sort or otherwise organize your items so you and your team can easily find what you are looking for.
As you can see, SharePoint offers access to communication and management to help your employees be truly effective. To achieve this, it is important that SharePoint is properly organized so all functions can be correctly and effectively carried out. By implementing the tips above you can greatly improve the efficiency within your workspace.

Can C3IT Help Me Better Implement SharePoint?

If you want to take advantage of the many benefits SharePoint offers, C3IT can make it happen. SharePoint offers many capabilities, but knowing how to utilize them is key in getting the most out of your SharePoint investment. The skilled team at C3IT can help you get started by integrating the capabilities you want into your existing system. We can guide you through the integration process as well as help you get your management software up and running without issue. If you are interested in implementing SharePoint or taking advantage of more of its many features, let the team at C3IT help.

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