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Tuesday, September 29, 2015
Should I Use SharePoint Library Folders?
If your business has downloaded the latest SharePoint updates, you may be wondering about whether or not to use SharePoint libraries. This is a decision that should not be taken lightly, as the way you set up your folders will, in large part, determine how efficiently SharePoint works for your organization. Instead of making your SharePoint server a "junk drawer," think carefully about how and where to use library folders to your best advantage.

Replacing Shared Network Drive Folders

If you are trying to replace shared network drive folders in your company's infrastructure, you should not duplicate the folder structure in your library. The reason for this is that network drive structures are very rigid and changing them is almost always difficult. This means that, as your business needs evolve, your network folder configuration may not. With SharePoint, you have new ways of grouping and sharing documents that can be far more flexible, although it may take some time to adapt to this new structure. With Libraries, you can also filter documents specifically by various factors. This allows you to have a much more flexible way of finding documents you need and makes your structure much more fluid.   In order to best utilize this flexibility, consider the following questions:
  • Should a new library be created? Sometimes it is best to create a new library to house an entire grouping of information, but many times new groups can be categorized simply by creating new columns or custom views.
  • Should I create a new column? By creating new columns, you may be able to categorize information so that you do not have to drill down so many levels to find what you are looking for and can easily access your information.
  • Can I create a custom view to see what I want? Sometimes it is not necessary to change your structure at all. A custom view may give you the results you seek within your existing framework.
If you are struggling with SharePoint library creation, contact the experts at C3IT. We can provide advice and training to help you utilize all of SharePoint's features in a way that is best for your company and employees. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you make the most of your SharePoint system and set it up to be the most efficient for your company.

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