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Thursday, July 14, 2016
Simplifying Cloud Computing Integration in Your Business
In a survey carried out by office equipment giant Brother International, 58% of work in small businesses is dependent upon some employees being physically present in the office. The same survey also shows that 27% of respondents plan to spend the largest portion of their technology budget on cloud-based file sync and share technologies. If you’re among the leaders interested in seeing new technologies can benefit your business, here ways to simplify the adoption of cloud computing at your company.
  1. Know your business needs. So that you get the most out of your IT investment, you should already have a few areas in mind where cloud solutions can make an immediate impact. For example, you could use a cloud-based computing tool to reduce the paperwork load for your human resources team or you could merely be looking for a solution with large amounts of data storage.
  2. Choose the best options for your business. Once you have a bird’s eye view of how cloud computing can help your business, you’ll need to decide whether you need a public, private or hybrid cloud service – each of which has its own benefits.
For example, while public cloud is the most cost-effective option, it also comes with more security risks than the others.
  1. Start small. Because it’s usually a good idea to keep things as simple as possible when starting use with a new technology, you should begin with cloud-based computing with a simple and uncomplicated cloud architecture.
You can always scale up as you’re ready.
  1. Get your team members on board. New technology is not only a big deal for you; it’s also huge for your team members. It’s essential that you address whatever concerns and questions they have before you actually flip the switch on the new cloud-based solution.
  2. Learn from the mistakes of others. More and more small businesses are making the move to cloud solutions. While their needs may be different than those of your company, it is still worth your time to network with other business so that you can understand some of the challenges they faced when they moved to the cloud.

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