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Friday, October 23, 2015
Windows 10 Continues To Deliver for Microsoft Windows 10 has been an unqualified success for Microsoft, and the new platform continues to pay off with ambitious future plans for development that will allow it to run across multiple devices. From tablets to smartphones to computers to the Xbox game console, Windows 10 is enabling developers to write universal apps that can work on any number of devices.

More Is Better

Experts are nearly unanimous in agreeing that universal apps will position Microsoft as a leader in the software world. The new Surface Pro 4, Microsoft's flagship tablet, satisfies consumers' desire for hybrids that can serve as both laptop and tablet device, so with a compelling library of apps, the company is poised to break into the mobile market in a much bigger way than previously suspected. What is driving this incredible growth in interest is the cross-device capability that is finally available in Windows 10. Microsoft was a bit behind the curve in previous Windows iterations, making it difficult for users to jump from one device to another. Now, the company has hit its stride, not only taking care of the hybrid issue but also providing the platform, software and apps to deliver truly great experiences for customers. However, the tablet is not the only area in which Microsoft and Windows 10 are generating high expectations. The Windows phones have notably been a distant runner-up to Apple and Android, but with Windows 10 and some great new devices, the company hopes to make up some of that lost time.

Can Windows 10 Benefit My Company?

While early adopters are often interested in the program for the program's sake, businesses cannot afford to spend months adjusting to new software unless there is a very good reason to do so. Windows 10 provides that reason. Its cross-compatibility with a variety of different devices make it ideal for companies whose employees work remotely. Now, those in the field can use a wide range of devices and still sync to the basic Windows 10 format from anywhere. When combined with outstanding content sharing programs like SharePoint, Windows 10 can solve a variety of issues for businesses of any size. If you are interested in finding out how Windows 10 can help your company, or if you want to implement SharePoint or any other software, contact C3IT for professional help. We can assist you in choosing and implementing the right programs for your business.

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