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Thursday, January 28, 2016
Software As A Service: Why Should I Care About The Cloud?
Many businesses are still operating on site-based software and data-storage systems, especially small businesses.  These owners may believe that they do not need the cloud; they can continue to operate their small business technology needs from the safety of their own premises.  However, business is quickly moving to the cloud, so even if you do not make the switch today, the chances are good that you will be dealing with cloud-based systems in the near future.

What Does Cloud Computing Do For Businesses?

There is a reason that so many businesses have been migrating to the cloud.  The fact is that cloud computing offers businesses of all sizes tremendous benefits that cannot be gained from traditional site-based systems.  Among those benefits are:
  • Ease of access. When you move to cloud computing, what you are really doing is giving your employees access to the information and tools they need to do their jobs no matter where they are.  With the advent of mobile technology, many of your employees who are working in the field can now stay connected to you at all times.  Cloud computing allows them to use the resources you have in the office across town or around the world.
  • Safety and security. One of the biggest misconceptions about the cloud is that people think it is insecure.  They are afraid to upload their data because they believe it will be accessible to anyone.  While hacking does happen, the fact is that the companies offering cloud storage and SaaS are probably spending far more than you do on security and hiring the very best people to manage it.  You are actually more likely to be hacked with your homemade computer system than you are in the cloud, which uses the very latest technology to protect your data.
  • Low cost. In many cases, operating out of the cloud is cheaper than operating from your office, particularly when you consider the cost of additional employees to manage your servers and the frustration of continually having out-of-date software.  Cloud computing offers you a much better level of uniformity because all software is updated simultaneously, lowering your overall technology costs.
If you have questions about cloud computing or are ready to migrate to the cloud, contact C3IT for help.  Our experts can ease the transition and help you choose the right cloud computing methods for your particular business.  

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