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Thursday, December 10, 2015
Some of the Advantages of Cloud Computing
Cloud computing means computer operations that are performed via the Internet.  Rather than run programs or applications using an in-house server or a personal computer, those who access cloud services are using signals sent over the Internet to access and store their information. Cloud computing is everywhere.  You use it every time you go to a website like Facebook or send information via your smart phone.  However, using cloud computing for business is still an idea that is relatively new.  There are many advantages to cloud computing for businesses, including:
  • Cloud computing provides more flexibility than physical servers. When a business needs varying bandwidths during different periods of time, the cloud provides a great deal of flexibility.  Businesses can access large amounts of bandwidth when needed without paying for that same amount when it is not needed.
  • Cloud computing provides security. Many people have the mistaken idea that the cloud is "less safe" than on-site servers.  In many cases, the opposite is true.  Cloud servers are run by professionals 24 hours per day who work to secure them against intrusion.  Businesses often find it hard to match that level of security without hiring their own full-time team.  Additionally, the cloud provides a level of backup in the case of emergency that most in-house servers cannot match.
  • Cloud computing provides updates. Automatic updates are another benefit of cloud computing.  Rather than worry about dealing with ongoing—and seemingly endless—software updates, cloud computing allows businesses to order them to be performed automatically, often in the background so that they do not interrupt workflow.
  • Cloud computing offers increased collaboration ability. With cloud computing, teams can work together from anywhere in the world.  They can share information, edit documents in real time and update status reports instantly.
  • Cloud computing often costs less. Cloud computing can be a very cost-effective option when compared with purchasing software user licenses for every device used in a business.  Many cloud computing software companies offer unlimited use licenses for a flat fee.
If you are considering cloud computing but are not sure how it will work with your business, contact C3IT for more information.  Call today for a consultation and learn how to make your business more productive.

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