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Wednesday, September 2, 2015
Take Advantage of Free Upgrades for Windows 10

In its first month, Windows 10 has swept five percent of the desktop market, making the launch an unqualified success by any standards. That translates to 75 million installations in a single week. Microsoft recently released data that shows that another 1.5 million installations of Windows 10 Enterprise for businesses has also occurred in a short time period.

There are several reasons given for this success. One is the price; Windows 10 is currently free. Until July of 2016, anyone can upgrade who already uses Windows 7 or 8 at no cost, so most of the 75 million downloads have been free upgrades. This is also true for corporate accounts with the latest Windows for businesses. Free upgrades generally mean successful upgrades for customers.

"Something Happened"

What is even more amazing about this Windows release, however, is that it has, so far, been remarkably error free, given the fact that it is the first time Microsoft has pushed out a major program change in this manner.

While the dreadful and unhelpful "Something Happened" message was received by a few customers, it only occurred in a very small percentage of cases. In the vast majority of these incidents, there was a workaround that easily solved the problem.

The Windows 10 upgrade may go down in PC history as proof that a huge-scale upgrade can work. Furthermore, Microsoft's commitment to internal testing seems to have paid big dividends in a smooth rollout.

Problems in the Future?

However, Microsoft may not be able to bask in the glow of success for long. Many users are still using Windows 7, Windows XP and Windows 8, with only five percent now using Windows 10, so there is still a long way to go to ensure that everyone is able to successfully use new programs and applications. Microsoft has already stated that it has a goal of 1 billion installations of Windows 10, and it has the marketing plan to prove that it is serious about that goal. It remains to be seen if users will adopt the new platform at that ambitious rate.

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