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Friday, September 2, 2016
Updates for Microsoft Dynamics CRM Unveiled
Before the Cloud, software updates were made available every few years with a host of added features. Because of the Cloud, that timetable has drastically changed, and updates are made much more rapidly than before. So that CRM administrators are better able to keep an eye on what’s around the corner, Microsoft has published a sole roadmap website for its Dynamics CRM that gives users a good idea of upcoming improvements.

What’s On the Docket for Dynamics CRM 2016?

Because of their roadmap website, we already have a good feel for some of the things that should give users and administrators alike solutions for challenges that existed in the previous version of Dynamics.
  • Document Templates Previously, a tedious mail merge process was necessary to display CRM data in Word or Excel documents with rich format.
With document templates in Dynamics CRM 2016, users can launch M/S Word or Excel documents while still in Dynamics, and can easily enter CRM data.
  • Mobile Capabilities While Offline This new feature answers the need for more offline capabilities. Users with no data connection will no longer have to save their items as drafts to be uploaded at a later time. Instead, mobile apps will keep records on what you’ve worked on so that they can accessed – even when you’re disconnected.
  • Guided User Navigation Fully customizable tasks and sidebars can be added for users based upon their role in the organization to show them what they need to know and how to accomplish a specific task.
For example, users will have the ability to click a sidebar at any point of any process for help on what they need to do and how – a huge benefit when onboarding users to a new project. The content can even be in video or text format.

Learn More About How M/S Dynamics Can Help Your Business; Call C3IT Solutions

With the above features, it’s clear to see that Dynamics CRM is here to stay. Because C3IT Solutions is a Microsoft Gold Partner, you can leverage our expertise and knowledge of Dynamics to unleash its full power so that your business can grow. Call us at 800-728-1441 or send an email so that we can begin working together today!

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