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Thursday, April 30, 2015
Using e-Docs to Maximize Efficiency
If you have not considered the benefit of using e-Docs for your company's document needs, think about how much time and effort you could save! C3IT offers e-Doc services that allow you to classify, secure, retain, tag, share, archive, search and ensure compliance on every document in your workflow. You can use e-Docs to streamline your document management processes, ensure adherence to business processes and enforce your own internal codes and controls for maximum security. You also gain the ability to review every document's life cycle in order to learn how information is created, reviewed and published as well as disposed of and retained.

What Does e-Docs Do For Me?

There are several benefits to using e-Docs for all your document creation and handling. These benefits include:
  • Ensuring compliance with ISO, SEC and SOX.       If you handle sensitive information that requires compliance with International Organization for Standardization protocols, Securities and Exchange Commission rules or Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 regulations, e-Docs can automatically ensure that every document you handle meets these requirements.
  • Control access of critical documents. The worst nightmare some companies could face would be mishandling of secure information. e-Docs allow you to rest assured that only those with proper access are able to work with sensitive documents.
  • Standardizing documents for audits. With the help of e-Docs, audits, both internal and external, become simple processes rather than stressful ones.
  • Management of document life cycles. It is easy with e-Docs to trace the evolution of a document from start to finish.
  • Data imaging and data capture services. You will find that e-Docs makes it easy to capture images of your documents for preservation purposes.
e-Docs allows you to author, upload or scan paper documents with ease; search databases in seconds; route documents quickly to pre-defined storage areas; document life cycles for your paperwork; co-author and work collaboratively on documents; and assign alerts for specific activities on various document libraries. In addition, e-Docs allows you to "Go Green" by saving paper as well as time and effort. If you are interested in learning how e-Docs can benefit your company, C3IT is ready to help! Call us today to discuss options for bringing the ease of e-Docs to your business. With e-Docs, we can help you take control of massive amounts of paperwork to reduce them to manageable and easily accessible components that drive your company's productivity. You can also visit our e-Docs page here

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