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Tuesday, October 6, 2015
Using SharePoint for Project Management
Microsoft corners the market on project management, with Excel being the most popular tool for managing task lists, calendars and work breakdown structures. However, SharePoint also contains some great features that make it a good addition to the simplicity of the Excel format for project management.

Focus on Work, Not Organization

The basic need most people have for organizational software is simplicity. Businesses need to be able to focus on getting work done, not wrestle with complicated software programs. Choosing a complex project management platform can actually slow down work and result in less efficient output. This is why SharePoint and Excel work together so well. Because of the unique, simple tools available with these programs, users spend less time learning and using the software and more time actually getting work done.

Integrating SharePoint With Excel Project Management

If Excel is the most popular organizational tool, why use SharePoint at all? The answer is because SharePoint offers a way for businesses to customize their project management software to their needs. There are many different ways to manage workflow, so it stands to reason that a flexible platform will fit more people's needs than others. SharePoint 2013 offers new and exciting updates to both on-site and cloud-based project management. The platform also allows users to customize it by integrating a number of other programs and even to create their own apps so that their individual needs are addressed. Further, Planner, a new program due out sometime in the fourth quarter of 2015, will integrate planning features directly into SharePoint, possibly even eliminating the need for other software. However, even if users continue to use Excel, they will still find ways to integrate the program into the SharePoint platforms. Because of SharePoint's flexibility, it is easy to make the platform work for almost any purpose, whether your business chooses to keep the platform on-site or use the new cloud-based system. This means that whether you choose to use Excel or any other app or program, you can find a way to integrate it with your SharePoint base and make it accessible and easy for everyone in your company. If you have questions about SharePoint or are wondering what program might be best for your work applications, contact C3IT today. We can walk you through your options and help you determine the best type of software to use to accomplish your daily tasks and increase employee productivity.

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