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Thursday, May 7, 2015
What Is The SharePoint Community?
SharePoint is often referred to as a "community." What does this mean? How can software create a community of workers, and how is SharePoint able to accomplish this task? The SharePoint community is rather unique among the groups that offer support for various products and software. While iTunes or Word users may often find help for their problems from online forums populated by random contributors, Microsoft has taken the opportunity offered by the SharePoint community to gather feedback on their build out of both SharePoint and Office 365. This feedback had turned into one of the web's most frequently-cited and utilized knowledge communities.

UserVoice Pages

UserVoice Pages are a unique feature that integrates with all of Microsoft's platform, including SharePoint, to allow real-time collaboration among users. On the UserVoice Page for Office 365 Groups, one discussion centered around replacing group discussions with Yammer integration. Another group wants a better authoring environment for a Group Home Page. Users also offer input on the Office Developer Platform feedback page, where they can discuss ways to view ULS Logs on SharePoint Online and other pertinent topics.

How Does Collaboration Work?

Collaboration is a very important part of any work group, but it is never more important than when you are implementing a software program across your entire organization. Unless you can bring everyone on board and ensure that they are all using the platform effectively, you are not taking full advantage of the power of SharePoint, or any other program for that matter. Collaboration requires that everyone contribute. By holding each individual accountable and giving those people the tools they need to do their jobs effectively, you are ensuring that collaborative efforts are not a waste of time and ultimately mean better profits for your company.

How Does This Help Me?

If you have been named SharePoint guru at your office, you are not alone in your quest for a better SharePoint experience for you and your colleagues. In fact, the community allows you several options for both finding answers and sharing information:
  • Platforms and discussions geared toward specific topics
  • Online meetings with SharePoint users outside your organization
  • Conferences with presentations from experts on using SharePoint
  • User group meetings on specific subjects
  • SharePoint Saturdays
Additionally, SharePoint use is well supported by Microsoft experts who are available instantly to help you utilize and make the most of this tech environment.

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